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Why Choose Douglas Puenner Ltd?

•   Broad range of experience. Extensive knowledge and experience means we can provide you with exceptional advisory and technical skills that would otherwise require a combination of resources (and additional expense) to deliver. We have built a select group of trusted vendor and managed service provider relationships to address more complex projects while maintaining a single point of contact for you. This keeps your capital commitment, operational and technical issues to an absolute minimum which frees up your time and budget to concentrate on the business opportunities before you.

•    Single point of contact. A typical managed service provider (MSP) will have several people involved with servicing your account. (Sales, marketing, networking, desktop support,  etc.) In some cases, you may not see or speak to the same person twice when it comes to on-site visits or phone support. Being the single point of contact is a huge benefit when it comes to the high level of trust and consistency of excellent service that our clients have come to expect.

•    Flexible service and pricing. Many types of services can be provided on an hourly or fixed cost project basis to provide the most effective way of meeting your business needs while aligning with budgetary requirements.

•    Responsive commitment.  We make a concerted effort to be as responsive as possible to all clients. Respect, trust and dedication are the attributes that make the difference between a collaborative professional relationship - and one that's not.  .

•    Trusted partner relationships.  One of the most overlooked aspects of providing comprehensive services is the time and commitment it takes to build up trust to deliver exceptional services tailored to your business needs. This only happens when everyone understands the challenges to your business and translates that into a common goal that is clear and actionable.

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